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Abigail Adams: A True American Woman

About Abigail Adams

About Abigail Adams
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This is the page where you'll learn about Abigail Adams life.

Abigail Smith Adams was born on November 11, 1744 to Reverend William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy Smith in Weymouth Massachusetts. Her mother did not believe in women receiving a formal education, but Abigail was still taught to read and write. Her curiosity spurred her to continue to learn by reading books from her father’s extensive library. She married John Adams, a Harvard-graduate and country lawyer, on October 25, 1764. During the first years of their marriage John lived mostly in Boston, while Abigail remained in Braintree to watch over the family farm. She had five children: John Quincy, Abigail, Charles, Susanna, and Thomas. Susanna died a year after she was born. In 1776, John helped write the Declaration of Independence. In 1789 John became Vice-President. The Adams family moved to a new home in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1797 John became president. The Adams family becomes the first to move into a new home for the president in the capitol city. In 1801 John lost the election and retired to the family farm. In 1801 their son, Charles, died. In 1818 Abigail suffered from a stroke and died peacefully on October 28 in Quincy, Massachusetts due to typhoid fever. In 1826 her husband died and in 1825 her son, John Quincy, was elected president.