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Abigail Adams: A True American Woman

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The following facts are important events in Abigail Adams life.

1774- Abigail Smith was born on November 11 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
1764- Abigail married John Adams, a country lawyer.
1765- Abigail had their first child, Abigail.
1767- Abigail had their first son, John Quincy.
1768- Abigail had their second daughter, Susanna.
1770- Their daughter, Susanna, died.
1770- Abigail had their second son, Charles.
1772- Abigail had their third son, Thomas.
1776- The Declaration of Independence was published. John helped write it.
1789- John became Vice-President. The Adams family moved to a new home in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.
1797- John becomes president. The Adams family becomes the first to move into a new home for the president in the capitol city.
1801- John loses election and retires to the family farm.
1801- Their son, Charles, died.
1818- Abigail suffered from a stroke and died peacefully on October 28 in Quincy, Massachusetts due to typhoid fever.
1826- Her husband died.
1825- Her son, John Quincy, was elected president.